Bringing the practices of mindfulness and dialogue to leadership conversations

About Originate

Originate is…

Amanda Ridings…sometimes in partnership with key associates.

About the name…

The inspiration was the phrase ‘to bring into being’:

Ori’gin|ate, v.t. give origin to, bring into being,
initiate, cause to begin.
v.i. to have origin, to begin.

[L. origo, beginning, birth – oriri, to rise.]

About Amanda…

After a mis-spent early career as a derivatives and swaps trader in ‘The City’, I trained as a Chartered Accountant and worked in public services. In 1998 I left my job as Director of Finance of an NHS Trust, did an MBA, and began to build my practice as an independent consultant and executive coach. More recently I added coaching supervision to my portfolio.

I now work with individuals and small groups to create the conditions for learning and positive change through executive coaching, coaching supervision, and niche leadership development programmes. I often find the work to be both inspirational and challenging: together, my clients and I are often working at the edge of our capability, trying out new things, never quite as sure of our ground as we’d like to be!

I am an APECS accredited executive coach, and am accredited as a coach supervisor by The Coaching Supervision Academy. I am deeply committed to my own continuing development. I support my on-going learning through being in supervision and having a coach. I aim to participate in a significant development programme each year, and I seek to be adventurous in the choices I make. I read widely and seek authentic feedback on my work.

All my work is informed by T’ai Chi Chuan, which stretches my mind, body and spirit. Martial arts practices feel similar to my leadership experiences – no answers, just continual practising, learning, and developing resilience. Leadership Embodiment practices, developed by Aikido master Wendy Palmer, have provided a means to share some of this experience with others. I am a certified Leadership Embodiment Associate.

When not working or practicing T’ai Chi Chuan, I am often to be found writing, eating and laughing with those I love, or walking in the Scottish hills and mountains.

About the book…

For more information about my work and my general approach see my award-winning book, Pause for Breath – bringing the practices of mindfulness and dialogue to leadership conversations.


In 2012, my book received a silver ‘Nautilus’ award in the business and leadership category. For more about Naultilus Book Awards, recognising ‘heartfelt and literary contributions’ to positive social change, see their website and library.

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About key associates…For bespoke assignments in organisation systems, I will work alongside another executive coach, experienced facilitator, or other practitioner, selected from a small group of trusted associates.