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Guest blog: Pausing for breath…

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Guest blog: Pausing for breath…

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Describing the impact of Pause for Breath, Julie Drybrough writes:

I ‘signed up’ for Pause for Breath without wholly knowing what it was. I got talking to Amanda at a dinner where my bus journey had rendered me late, lacking composure, and horribly self-conscious. When I finally settled into conversation, she talked about her idea for a retreat: time away to focus on a blend of leadership, dialogue, mindfulness, and t’ai chi. It sounded a little ‘out there’…but Amanda was compelling and clear. I was intrigued… (more…)

Giving talk a rest!?

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As I begin to write this blog post, there two strong influences on my thinking. Firstly, I was asked by my friend and associate, Julie Drybrough, to write a guest post for her blog with a theme of ‘talking well’. My response was to write mostly about listening well, which I believe to be a precondition for talking well.

Around the same time, I read a prize-winning essay by my friend and fellow coach Brigid Russell, in which she explores how coaching can feel like therapy for a busy leader. (more…)