Bringing the practices of mindfulness and dialogue to leadership conversations

About Originate

Why Originate?

The inspiration was the phrase ‘to bring into being’:

v.t. give origin to, bring into being, initiate, cause to begin.
v.i. to have origin, to begin.
[ L. origo, beginning, birth – oriri, to rise.]

Originate is…

Amanda Ridings

I am a seasoned executive coach and coach supervisor, and am committed to creating breathing spaces in working lives. My work is shaped by a profound interest in embodying dialogue practices to support conversations that are rich, thought-provoking and productive.

You can find me on LinkedIn, where I post occasional articles. It is also a good way to contact me.

If you are caught up in relentless activity and are seeking some purposeful time-out to restore and renew your leadership spirit, please get in touch.

I have three strands to my practice

Executive coaching dialogues

  • Face to face – inside or out walking
  • By ’phone

Coaching supervision dialogues

  • Face to face – inside or out walking
  • By ’phone

Changing practice in conversations

  • Embodying dialogue practices programme - the 2020 programme will no longer take place
  • Bespoke programmes for small groups

I am also a writer…

Pause for Breath book cover

For more information about my work and my general approach see my award-winning book, Pause for Breath – bringing the practices of mindfulness and dialogue to leadership conversations.

In 2012, my book received a silver ‘Nautilus’ award in the business and leadership category. For more about Naultilus Book Awards, recognising ‘heartfelt and literary contributions’ to positive social change, see their website and library.

My second book is now out…

Weekly Leadership Contemplations book cover

Weekly Leadership Contemplations is a book for our times. It is for those who are searching for inspiration as they reflect on their leadership experiences and practice. It is a collection of short pieces that invite you to connect with similar moments in your own life and work and to consider them more probingly. The book is meant to be read slowly – it is a written ‘thought for the week’.

Many of the narratives highlight the ‘gap’ between leadership aspirations and our ability to live up to them, and gently challenge you to hold yourself to account and to tackle this disparity. Throughout the book, you will be encouraged to make contact with your finest leadership spirit, and to anchor your choices in it.

Contact me…

You can contact me through LinkedIn, or by emailing Amanda @