Bringing the practices of mindfulness and dialogue to leadership conversations

Changing practice in conversations

As your prospective partner in changing practice in your conversations, Originate offers two pathways:

● participating in an open programme with a small group of leaders from a variety of organisations; or
● commissioning and co-creating tailored in-house work to overhaul the way you engage with each other.

Both pathways support you to become more aware of the shape and quality of your conversations and to understand your impact on other people and on outcomes. In addition, you will be equipped to begin to change your practice.

Embodying dialogue practices: an open programme

The process of becoming skilful in dialogue practices is akin to changing your golf swing or learning to play a musical instrument. It can be frustrating and requires a commitment to learn from both triumph and disaster. For individuals, being part of a small group of fellow travellers supports you in this process.

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Co-creating an in-house approach

With bespoke work learning is accelerated. Most teams or work groups collectively create conversational ‘routines’. Some of these are helpful, while others limit collaboration and innovation. In working together to identify habitual patterns you can begin to think strategically about how you talk and listen to each other. This enables you to positively change the energy of your conversations and bring greater coherence to your actions.

Building capacity for dialogue requires heroic levels of persistence and tolerance: new approaches bring unexpected outcomes, some beneficial and some that are testing. Whilst this is slow work, it liberates potential to accomplish more than you currently believe to be possible.

As your prospective partner in co-creating an in-house approach…more…