Bringing the practices of mindfulness and dialogue to leadership conversations

Co-creating an in-house approach

As your prospective partner in co-creating an in-house approach to changing practice in your leadership conversations, we’ll field an alliance of two or more carefully-chosen seasoned practitioners, with track-records in areas such as complexity, adaptive leadership and dialogue. We’ll bring a range of experience to assist you in assessing the extent to which your conversations are fit-for-purpose in an increasingly interconnected world.

In bringing to life the material in her award-winning book, Pause for Breath, Amanda Ridings will be at the heart of a programme blending case-work, inquiry, mindfulness and reflection.

We’ll support you to ‘troubleshoot’ why your conversations don’t always bear fruit. Our focus is on changing practice, individually and together, and raising awareness of both strengths and shortcomings so you make sound collective choices for the longer term.

Changing practice will mean finding the courage and discipline to be reflective in fast-paced, performance-driven settings, and to invest time now for future benefits. We’ll use embodied approaches to highlight the gap between understanding this and being able to do it when the chips are down, and to demonstrate how to bridge the gap.

Working together…

…we’ll develop an alliance that builds capacity for dialogue and thinking together. We’ll learn how to hold good conversations through practice. This means learning to truly embody four dialogue practices: speaking my truth; respecting the truth of others; listening to understand; and suspending judgement. Easy to say, hard to do.

We’ll start with some preliminary ‘scoping’ for a small cohort of people to:

● take stock of the shape and quality of your conversations;
● discern which are fit-for-purpose and which not; and
● explore the potential strategic benefits of changing your practice.

In a workshop setting, we’ll playback what we discover, and help you to design an approach to changing practice over time, with the aim of cultivating:

● more clarity about the role of intention in conversations;
● increased awareness of factors that ‘hijack’ good intentions; and
● greater capacity to accommodate difference in business-critical exchanges.

Where we can assist in bringing your aspirations to life, we’ll propose a longer-term collaboration. Where other practitioners might be a better fit, we’ll make that clear.

For more information, please contact me.

What clients say…

A Chief Executive wrote:

‘I can only succeed if the quality of my relationships is good. Superficially dialogue is easy to understand, but the practice is challenging. Working with the group has given me a new and deeper understanding of myself and how I interact with, and support, others.’

An Associate Director wrote:

‘When faced with difficult and confrontational situations, I always knew intellectually that I should understand the other person’s perspective. But I see now that this didn’t always inform what I did.’

An Executive Coach and Business Owner wrote:

‘I know the core of Amanda’s work and yet her perspective, her spin, her wisdom and willingness to share experience in this space has really allowed me a fresh view. I have found the sessions inspiring and the provocations immensely rich.’