Bringing the practices of mindfulness and dialogue to leadership conversations

Coaching supervision dialogues

As your prospective partner in coaching supervision, incisive yet warm, with keen antennae for the heart of an issue, for parallel process, and for deeper patterns ‘in play’. I am an astute and seasoned executive coach and, as a supervisor, I aim to ask courageous questions whilst respecting your standing and experience as a coach. Together, we’ll pool our wisdom and expertise and draw on it in service to your work with clients and their systems.

I am an APECS accredited executive coach, and I am accredited as a coach supervisor by The Coaching Supervision Academy.

I bring a calm presence to my coaching supervision sessions, drawing on my experience of working at senior levels in organisations and my track-record as a coach and leadership development practitioner. My experiences combine to provide an informed perspective of the systems in which your coaching clients operate, with the potential to offer insight into your work with them.

Working together…

…we’ll develop an alliance that builds our capacity for dialogue and thinking together. Each session offers a rare breathing space in which to reflect on the impact of your coaching practice. Over time, I’ll support you to foster a sense of mindful self-belief so that you are free to be fully yourself in service to your client.

You shape our work by outlining a current issue such as a complex coaching relationship, ethical dilemma or business development challenge. Jointly, we’ll explore the conditions giving rise to what’s unfolding, and examine your part in it by:

● gaining perspective and thinking creatively about the choices you make as a coach;
● developing your capacity to acknowledge and affirm your good practice;
● enhancing your self-awareness and exploring the potential in the situation you face; and
● supporting you to be honest and courageous in service to your client.

My work is profoundly shaped by my martial arts experiences, where the impact of pressure on human physiology is obvious: it compromises our ability to be composed and skilful. Where appropriate, I use embodied approaches to support you to explore the energies present in a system.

Forms of supervision…

Supervision dialogues can be one-to-one or in small groups of 4-6 coaches. We can meet face-to-face or work by phone. In either medium, I will be creative and courageous in my approach in service to you and your clients.

For more information about coaching supervision, please contact me.

What my clients say…

A Head of OD, sponsoring group supervision for internal coaches, wrote:

‘I really appreciate the calm you bring, creating a sense of safety. You worked with us not only as a group of coaches, but also as the individuals we are, tapping in to everyone’s uniqueness. You held the space lightly – I was reminded of a dancer catching their partner, with strength and softness.’

An experienced coach wrote:

‘Your approach is thoughtful and person-centred, and at the same time stretching and challenging. It felt like being pinned to a chair with a butterfly touch, while you asked the most challenging of questions with a beatific smile. There is very little wriggle-room!’

An executive coach wrote:

‘You have laser beam perception, light years faster than anyone I know. You are fearless and persistent, and yet ask questions with care, generosity and empathy.’